Various genealogy style features

you read the title, I have a question about a few mechanics that could possibly be used in GBA fe. these mechanics are

castle mechanics (essentially just have units start in a castle and they each would need to depart )

paths (terrain half movement bonuses)

tile and character-specific secret events (think arden’s pursuit ring or Lex’s brave axe)

an answer to any of these questions will be very much appreciated, although I do think that the castle mechanics are the most vital mechanic to know for sure whether it’ll work or not for me, but as I said, any answer is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

This is already doable without requiring ASM.
You just need an area event that checks the active unit ID, if the unit has the correct ID, run the event, otherwise set the event flag off.

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oh shoot I completely missed that feature, thanks for pointing that ou!

Holy Blood, getting growth bonuses is good. Passing it down to kids is also good to make them broken AF.

uhh that’s… not what this thread is about? this is a question thread, if you want to discuss fe4 do it in this thread

oh shoot, I forgot, still is a feature.

What does this mean? l don’t know non-GBA FE well, is it like paths cost 0.5 movement? Hmm, l imagine such a thing would require some assembly and/or memory changes that make movements physically doubled but display as halved. The problem l see, though, is that the AI in FE GBA have a movement score upperlimit of around 100; if their target is any farther than that, the AI gets more likely to refuse to advance toward their target. So, to double movements in order to simulate a path giving a movement bonus can halve the effective pursuing range of AI.
That’s as far as l’ve observed, anyway.

As for making units exiting a castle, that might need to be manually done with LOU1 and a 1x1 range event and flag trickery. lf the range event would cooperate, it might still be generally inconvenient to code and best for a cool thing to do for one chapter.

thank you for the answer!

I believe it’s more 0.7 movement but this shouldn’t change much.

so from what I’m getting from this is that these features would take extensive work to make work? Thanks for the information.

you’re better off doubling all movement (up to 15 max - sorry paladins) and setting the terrain costs for everything appropriately (eg. Roads are the only 1 cost terrain).

You can forcibly edit the displayed mov of the unit in MSS to show half of what the real value is. Nobody will know your secret :slight_smile:

I think if you insert lsr r0, #1 here, it will display as half of your real movement.

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thank you for the suggestion! I believe I will just jack up the movement of units akin to fe11 and 12’s pretty crazy numbers, I mainly just wanted the function of roads for a few small ideas for maps in my head.

There we go, that’s what l was thinking of. l should’ve figured Skill Systems had that covered. It still halves the effective range AI can pursue someone, but you’d need a big, winding map to meet such an issue.

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