Using staff animation for a spell?

I was intending to make a custom spell in my FE7 hack that used the animation for the Silence staff. (More accurately, I’m turning the Silence staff into a dragonstone-esque weapon.) When I try and make it work, it only plays the overworld animation, not an in-battle one. Is there any way I can change this so it plays the battle animation?

Edit: Turns out I was playing with battle animations turned off. Turning them back on has not fixed the problem, but it definitely would have stopped me from noticing if it DID get fixed.

Edit #2: Looks like the problem is with the item itself. It seems like if I make a new weapon and just give it the Silence animation, that should be fine?

So… Turns out I forgot to give the character using the new weapon an animation for Dragonstones… That’s literally all the problem was…

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