Using FE Builder on Apple Mac?

Hello there fellow Fire Emblemers. Im just here to ask as a casual fan of the franchise. How in the name of Naga, do I use FE Builder on Apple Mac. Do I download a software? Since FE builder is an .exe file.

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Use discord :slight_smile:

You can run it through something like wine, otherwise you can set up bootcamp to run windows, or run a virtual machine of windows through an app like parallels ($$$), vmware, or virtual box (both free).

If you want to go in-depth with hacking, you’ll probably want one of the latter options, as a lot of the other hacking tools have been made in windows and it makes it a lot easier.

Bootcamp windows is a little buggy on the newest mac OS due to the filesystem update, but it will run the smoothest of all the options.


Thanks Shin19, Wine worked perfectly.