Usenti Losing Colors

Ok my problem is Usenti keeps losing colors. No matter how hard I try, It keeps trying to reduce colors instead of keeping them and letting me worry about that. My question is how do I permanently stop unsenti from doing this stupid shit because I am currently working on making every GBAFE animation the same color so people can splice without abandon and losing time/pixels to usenti’s bullshit. Any ideas?

I’ve often run into this problem. Saving the file in Paint has helped me. Also, make sure to change the background color so that white used by sprites isn’t mistaken as being the background.

Yeah, it’s a common problem in Usenti which is not dealt with in the built-in manual IIRC. What I do is open the file in paint and change the background to a colour that’s completely different and contrasts the colours on the sprite. Something like a dark purple, bright green or navy or light blue.