Usenti crashing/not working

Might just be my computer or something, but whenever I try to open Usenti, it just crashes and stays in that state permanently. Not really sure how to fix it. Tried using the latest version and opening an image with Usenti, but it just crashes? Any ideas? Trying to take a screenshot just makes it go away, as the only way to see it is by hovering over the taskbar.
My operating system is windows 10.

I’m no good at troubleshooting, but I use Usenti as well and I’m on Windows 10.
So one thing, what version are you using?
I’m on 1.7.10 and it works fine.
Make sure you have it all in the folder, if it doesn’t work you might just have to re-download it.

Yeah, I am using 1.7.10 as well, which is causing the crash. I think older versions crashed as well. However, when I use another laptop with windows 8, it seems to work just fine, and my friend with windows 8 seems to be able to use it without problem. And I did make sure to have all the files in one folder as well as re-downloading it with no success. Any ideas?