Usenti and GBAGE don't seem to agree with each other

Okay, so I need some help here.
I made a map sprite in Usenti, I took a map sprite with GBAGE and edited with Usenti without changing the palette’s colors on the table.

But when I put it GBAGE with the palette code, it goes like this.

Ugh! What is happening?!

Don’t worry about it. It’s just transparent vs. non transparent. it should show up in-game perfectly fine.

You added a pixel to the left, which is going to break your image, so get rid of that.

In usenti, instead of just hitting save, try to “save as” and select 16 colors without transparency, that should preserve the palette, though you will need to start with an image that has the palette intact.

GBAGE is a pretty outdated way of inserting graphics anyway, I recommend you take a look at buildfiles:

Or at least febuilder: FE_Builder_GBA

I’ve had this exact issue before and yeah I think Usenti sometimes (unpredictably?) messes with palette order.

Downloaded FEBulider, imported the sprite and it works!
Why do I suddenly feel stupid?
Also, Leonarth, thanks for the tutorial. It’ll really help.
Last thing, opinions on the map sprite? Not the second one, though.