USC-round III: Splice Competition 2 ~Mysterious Traveller~


This was a lot of fun! It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of spriting, but it was a neat challenge and I wanted to give it a shot.


Progress GIF



Deadline is past, Voting will be up in about 8 hours. (After I get some sleep)

We have a final entry that wasn’t submitted via the thread, but I still got it over discord from Tsushi/Horatio.

Thanks to all for participating, we will see you in the voting thread!

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Closed until round 2!

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Congrats to Melia on winning round I! Onto the next round!

For refresher on the rules, please refer to post #1.

Looking forward to more great spriting… have fun!


[Egyptian furry sounds]

EDIT: Fixed something about the position. Shoutouts to Monkeybard.



Heavensong is just Egypt and Japan’s lovechild. Granted Ryota is more leaning towards the Japan end but shh he’s my favorite.

Edit: Since not everyone’s played wargroove here’s a comparison shot


I present to you this sorcerer, heavily inspired by egyptian warriors.

The staff doubles as a lance!


I’ll give him a sword if there’s demand for it


Is this how this works? iunno
monkey coerced me into making an account so here I am doing the thing


I kinda tried to do an Egyptian cleric I guess I’ll try to do more


I tried to reproduced one of the dress from the super long Cleopatra movie


Some great entries so far! Lots of character and cool designs.

Just a reminder, about 5 more days till the end of Monday to submit an entry or tweak/add to your existing one!

Have fun! :smiley:


I just don’t know what happened while making him




Sorry Fahad, only 1 entry per entrant.




But can I edit with that entry


You can pick which on you want to submit and edit that, sure. Final submitted entry has to be in by Monday 11:59pm PST.


Ok I’m with Egyptian cleric


This is terrible branding; using “universe” and “universal” right next to each other. It should be ULTIMATE SPRITING COMPETITION! Just sounds cooler that way. Spriters fighting for their lives.

But also, thnk you Shep for organizing this! It’s awesome to see our own regular spriting competitions here on FEU.