USA marine commision for a modern SRPG studio project

You may not use this sprite.
It is privately commissioned


You may not use this sprite, either.


But then my game can’t be 10/10 wholesome.

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Very cool of you to dedicate a topic to art totally unrelated to FE on an FE fan site without even making it free-use


Uh, it’s actually your art unless you signed an exclusivity deal

Prior to your explanation it seemed kinda out of place to someone like me who didn’t recognize the srpg studio sprite sheet layout. I agree that it is good practice to talk to your client about general use before making it available elsewhere.

I didn’t sign one but we agreed it’s just for my clients project.

Srpg studio is an engine that makes games Nearly identical to fire emblem even right down to the graphics and srpg studio related content is allowed on this forum. You can get plugins that make it even more like fire emblem than it already is. Also srpg studio content is allowed on this forum Just look at all the contest entry’s In fee3 that are on this forum that were made in srpg studio. And I can’t allow people to use it cause I was not the one that commissioned it. I only drew it and I can’t go around giving away my privately commissioned artwork without my clients permission.

I accidentally forgot to crop an empty row at the bottom but yeah the image has to be formatted a certain way for simplicity’s sake.
You can format it any way you want technically it is just easier if you put each animation on its own row.

I nominate this for Reply of the Year 2020