Unskilled hacking help

I am just getting started hacking FE7 with nightmare and it was all going fine until chapter 7 when the preparation screen starts. At the beginning of that chapter all but 6 of my units disappear as if they had died in the last chapter. Kent, Erk, Wil and Mathew are the ones that disappear I belive. I haven’t edited this chapter at all and I was only trying to do some minimal hacking in the first place. Is there a way to make that not happen.

What edits have you made to the ROM? If you would not mind listing all edits or most of the major edits, we could start there and examine to see what the potential problem could stem from.

I edited iron level weapons and legendary weapons to last longer and changed some growths and bases to make some of my favorite characters more usable then I changed a couple classes, I wanted Erk to be an Arksage and Wil to be a Nomad and I made Dorcas a bard. I changed some other classes later on in Eliwood’s tale and some color pallettes. I also added some weapons so Arcsage Erk could have all forms of magic.

Were these edits made using only Nightmare or did you use other programs?

It was all in nightmare.

Which modules did you use to make these edits?
Could you also describe what happens in more detail? Do they re-appear in the following chapter, have you made any edits to other chapters in any way?

I used the character editor and the chapter unit editors to change their classes. I haven’t tried going on to the next chapter. I have only edited chapter units to change starting classes. I didn’t trust my abilities to try to change anything else in the chapters and that was all I really wanted to do. The game acts in all regards as if those units were dead or had never existed. Even if I go to the link arena, they don’t appear anymore in that save file.

They do not re-appear in the next chapter, though I didn’t lose anybody else.

First of all, do yourself a favor and stop using outdated tools.

Nightmare modules haven’t been updated in forever, and they are known to have been wrong in the past. Use a newer tool instead, that way you’ll get more features, updates and help from people that actually use the tool:

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Okay, that sounds great, thank you. I can’t find any working links to get it though. It looks like it was taken down.

This is the repository, it contains the whole thing, source code and all.
The link will take you directly to the releases tab, there you can select the latest release.
You probably don’t care about the source so select “FEBuilderGBA_insertversionhere.7z”.