[Unreleased] Sacred Stones: Dragon Hollow / Demon's Gate Expansion (v0.1)

My first actual project, using the two landmasses off the coast of Magvel.

Planned features:
-4 added characters, Two OC’s and three returning characters
-New classes
-New weapons/ items
-Many memes

Dragon Hollow Plot

Unlocks during the Creature Campaign

The twins and their allies embark to Dragon Hollow, a beautiful island nesting ground for wyverns, to celebrate the anniversary of the Demon King’s defeat. However, an unknown force has brought the most powerful beasts, and greatest heroes, to this hidden paradise.

Progress has begun, I have no idea what I’m doing


If you have no idea you should enter the Discord in case of problems. Help is provided quickly there. Also you should show some footage of your current works to give a bigger idea of the project.

Try experimenting around a bit in order to get a feeling for everything.

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My only issue is figuring out what class slots are safe to edit

Is this going to change FE8’s story or something ?

It wont change the main story, just adds extra chapters, characters, classes, and items
Think of it like DLC

Most of the class IDs are save to edit, you definitly need to watch the move anims of the Map icons of those classes being in the right spot. I would not edit the King (or Tactitican was it Idk anymore) Class since that can cause problems. And the very first one too if it is 00.

Try it out but always make back ups in order to prevent losing data. It might be wiser to make a whole new project instead of an expansion because then you have the freedom to edit really any class without messing up previous maps. Also you should have more space too. There is a patch to increase Class Slots but I never applied it myself.

It still can be an addition to Sacred Stones but it wouldn’t have the whole FE8 game beforehand then. If that was you intention that I got from your post.