Unlocking Super Speed Unit Movement in The Last Promise?

Hi everyone! So the GBA FEs have the Super Speed Unit Movement (when holding A) that gets unlocked when you complete the game.

However, in The Last Promise, this is not the case. I’ve unlocked the Constellation after the Epilogue, but any new game I try to start does not have Super Speed unlocked.

I’m not sure if the game counts the Constellation Post Game as part of this requirement, but in any case, I need a way to implement the Super Speed Unit Movement without having to clear the Post Game.

I believe that the Yune Randomizer accomplishes unlocking Super Speed Unit Movement thru some kind of patch because it has the feature unlocked automatically for a new game even if you do not have a completed save file.

If anyone could help me implement this, I would really appreciate it.


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Hi justinjamesmdlc!
Welcome to FEUniverse!

The unit speed up function that you get in vanilla GBA after completing the game, is something I wasn’t aware of. What I am aware of though, is a patch that allows you to speed up unit movement from the get go. There is a patch called “speed up unit movement” for FE7 somewhere on the internet. This patch is also present in FEBuilder. If you have trouble finding the patch online, you might want to give FEBuilder a go.

Good luck with your search and have fun playing! :slight_smile:

Appreciate the warm welcome and the lead!

Using your input, I searched this site further. I was able to find an old post on here that utilized a Hex Editor to achieve the Super Speed and was able to implement it.

Many thanks!

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