Unlimited number of classes able to use the Pick Skill (Rogue's Skill)

So here is a little hack:
It allows you to have two classes able to use the Pick Skill.
By default the hack is doing this for the rogue and the Thief.

Here is the link:

Why not make it check a 00 terminated list of class ids to have a modular number of classes who can use pick?

I might try to do this in a next version.
But for the moment, i was just too bad to do this that way :smiley:

Great News everyone.
I updated the patch.
Now you can edit the .event files to chose the number and which classes can use Pick Skill !
Just take a look at the last line (It starts by BYTE). You can change the hex values by the values you want. Just don’t forget to end your list by 00 (if you don’t, the hack will just make the game softlock).

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