Unknown project?

I played this project, but unfinished unfortunately. Does anyone know about this? The original source or something.
FE League of ASDF_1610457540058 FE League of ASDF_1610457546868 FE League of ASDF_1610457540058
FE League of ASDF_1610457919583
FE League of ASDF_1610457620523
FE League of ASDF_1610457584524
FE League of ASDF_1610457930569
FE League of ASDF_1610457936117
{Link removed}

Please attach as .ups, not .gba

If you open the .gba with NUPS, febuilder, or this website it can make a .ups for you.

.gba is illegal and will be removed shortly I’m sure

Please share access to the file


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This was a project by @Dancer_A I’m sure this has been shelved and he is working on his XNA project or something. He can correct me if wrong.

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Yes, thank you. :+1:

Never heard of it.
(I’m locking the thread and removing the link, i have no intention of releasing anything related to this project, nor do I want anyone else to)