Units disappear

Excuse me, I’m someone new trying the FEBuilder tool and the truth is that a character suddenly disappeared from the team. I don’t really know why.
I really didn’t give it importance and just continued but now even a vanilla character like Innes disappeared from me.
Can somebody help me

PS: I do not speak English and I write this with a translator, sorry if it is poorly written

Did you remove them from the unit placement?
We honestly cannot help you without more info.

no, that is, the unit is recruited on the map that it should but when it comes to the next chapter the unit is no longer in the team when you enter the next chapter

Does the map have preps? Did you edit the unit to appear in the previous map instead of where they normally do?

Check the emulator debugger window that appears when you playtest (F5) while you are playing a chapter. Go to the “Etc.” tab and you should be able to see your units that have been recruited and their states. Does the unit appear there?

the character appears and turns blue: “Hiden,NotDeployedLast chapter”
Sorry I was Having dinner

If you have no preparation screen, you need to load the unit with “Load units and move. If player unit, join party (LOAD1+ENUN)”

understand. I will try it and see what results I get, thank you very much.

Yeah what shinybidoof said

Use “If player unit, join party” so that they, well, join the party. I believe it should then work.