Unit inventory display

Hello once again.
So I’m making it a point to try looking up things by searching the FEU forums before asking questions, but I don’t quite know what to look for in this case.
I’ve seen more than a few hacks that implemented this kind of extended unit inventory/stat display, and I want to use it my own hack, but I have no idea what to even look for (I assume there’s a patch that puts it in, just not sure what this thing is called).
Q for Relic

Its called the Modular Minimug Box. I’m not sure how to manually install it, but Febuilder have an easy way to install. Just search the name of the hack in the patch section of Febuilder (‘Minimug’ should be just fine) and tap install.


I was wondering the same, thanks!

Thank you!

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@Zane this is why I suggested “Hover Box” as a better name for it lol

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Yeah, that would make more sense, but it would not have been my first thought for terms to search lol.