Unit ID beyond 0x45 battle record screen

That record screen that shows the numbers of battles won or loss giving the units beyond that numbers. It gives a exception for those over that ID.

Does anyone know how to change so the units beyond that ID gets that screen thing?

The game simply doesn’t save that for units over that number, there is no save space reserved for characters with IDs that high, to change this you would need to change how B/W/L data is saved and to where.

This is the same reason only units below that number can learn skills in the skill system (with units over that number just having their skills based on class and level).

Modification involving saved data is very difficult.
Also, it is not possible to install multiple patches to change the format of saved data.
You can only one install patches of saved data.
Also, the save slot capacity available for GBA is limited, so you have to save it.
Depending on the nature of the saved data, it is not possible to use variable length compression.
Since the save area is valuable, it needs to be saved in 1-bit units.

Can spend valuable frames to free ID: 0x45 or later?
That is a very difficult problem.
I would like to increase the inventory of the transport team and use it to exceed the status 31.

Besides, the number of base points in the world map, the number of roads, separation of magic/power, expansion of classes,
There are many places we want to use valuable free space of save data.

Therefore, I think that it is better to adjust the data so that it does not exceed 0x45 instead of expanding save data because it exceeds 0x45.

Sorry, late reply

I see. So i guess i can only pray.
In that case, is the record screen removable?

Just move the unit in question’s ID below 0x45. If you have so many playable characters you’ve got more than 0x45 (that’s 69 in decimal) of them, then you should probably cut back, since the game starts to have trouble saving all your units at that point. Don’t forget IDs like 0x1A are valid, you don’t need to skip from 0x29 to 0x30.

Wait, with saving all my units, do you refer that to just the records or the limited numbers of units in the roster you can have in the game?

The active playables roster can only have ~55 units in it.

You can have up to 254 units in the character tables (00 and FF are reserved).

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0xFE is also reserved. The two at the end are for walls and snags.

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