Unit Does Not Retain Levels Between Chapters

Hi! We’re working on our first rom and are running into a problem with our modified Lord not retaining levels she earns between maps.

We took Erika, changed the sprite and modified her class so she appears and operates as a mage.

When she appears on the first map, she starts at level 2

After letting her level up from 2 → 3 in the Prologue, she loads in Chapter 1 at Lvl 1. In the unit placer, her and the other units are all set to load at Lvl 1, but the other units populate at the correct level with their earned levels and exp carried over from the previous map.

How to we make sure our lord’s levels and exp are conserved between chapters? Thank you for any help you can provide!

Units naturally have their data (stats, level, inventory) be saved and persist between chapters. For your character to not have this, either you’re loading a different unit ID (compare in unit placer to make sure they match up), or you deleted the character’s data with a command like DISA (check your events).

You may be using the wrong loading code. Keep this in mind:

  • LOAD1 is used for loading player units for the first time and for enemies and NPCs
  • LOAD2 is used for loading a player unit that has already been loaded before

If you use LOAD1 instead of LOAD2, you may see a unit be re-initialized.

@Snakey1 not quite. Most of the time what you say will work, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

LOAD1 0 loads living party members
LOAD1 1 creates new units
LOAD1 2 and LOAD2 X is for cutscenes / loads party members and Seth, Innes, L’arachel, and Myrrh even if they are dead. If dead, they are marked as cutscene units which should be removed automatically when your events end.

There is no reason to use LOAD2 unless you want this behaviour.

We found a DISA command in an event that was causing her data to get deleted. Thank you @knabepicer! And thank you for the tips on the LOAD commands. We’ll keep those in mind moving forward! :slight_smile: