Undefined identifier in skill_descriptions.event

I am trying to make my own skill using the skill system. I was using this post as a guide to do so:


I followed the steps in the skill creation section part 4.
I tried to apply it to my rom, but an error popped up saying that:
Undefined identifier: SD_RiskyStrike (that’s my skill)

The error was located in my skill_descriptions.event file.
I added my skill at the bottom of the list in the skill_descriptions.event file like this:


I also wrote this at the bottom of the skilldesc_text.txt:
"## SD_RiskyStrike
Risky Strike: Has an effect.[X] "
(without the " sign)

I am not really sure what the problem is. If you understand what I did wrong, please let me know.

Thank you,

Run makehack_full to process text, tables, and maps.

SD_RiskyStrike is a text id. If you’re using febuilder’s custom build, you could do this:

#define SD_RiskyStrike 0x9df

Then it will have the text at the id 0x9df, which you can edit in febuilder as normal.
(You can use any text id you want, of course.)

Thank you for the reply!
I am using FEBuilder and doing the custom build thing.
Where do I write the:

#define SD_RiskyStrike 0x9df


Thank you,

Anywhere before it’s used.

You could do it at the top of custom_definitions.event if you would like to.