Unbreakable Weapons on GBA

Hey there, Cactus here.

I was deciding what kind of weapons should I give my lord on my hack a few weeks ago.
And came to the conclusion of giving him/her a magic sword that’s unbreakable.

However, for a ROM hack, an unbreakable weapon is very hard to do, since like it says, it’s unbreakable, you can’t give the player no worries for having a unit with an unbreakable weapon (being personal or universal).

I ask you guys with major experience handling these kind of things… How can I create unbreakable weapons but giving them “balance” ? For me, it’s hard to balance an unbreakable weapon for the player to use.

I say that it depends on when it’s going to be used. If it is at the start of a hack, then it should be just strong enough to carry through the first several chapters but be weaker later on. If it’s towards the end, you can make it a little weaker than some of the other late game weapons to act as a trade off for the unlimited durability.

You can take a page from modern FE. Make the unbreakable weapon received in the early-game comparatively weak in the long run, then upgrade it at a certain point in the story. This doesn’t totally resolve stuff if the weapon is still so good it’s always the best option (which is likely with a 1-2 magic sword), but it’s something you can do.

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You could always give it low Might, low(er) Hit, higher Wt, lock it to Range 2, and/or some other detrimental effect (Skill that deals damage to the unit after battle a la Fury) to mitigate its positive attributes.

It’s probably better to just have the weapon in question just be bad when compared to breakable weapons.

Than you for the ideas, make it weaker in a long term or be just decent through the entire odyseey. Give it a skill that reduces the stats after battle and give it something like nosferatu or some other skill.

Thank you, I appriciate your opinions on how should this idea be.

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