Unarmed Bulb/Char/Squr Still Animation

I am looking for unarmed 1 frame battle “animations” for the kanto starters.


I have been working on this menu, which is largely derivative of work by Snek, which uses battle animations. (I’m sure you can tell that this isn’t finished yet.)

I have this pokeball frame for when 'mons evolve, but I don’t really understand battle animations.
pokeball unarmed Sheet 1

I tried resizing still images of the pokemon from 64x64 → 48x48 but it looks pretty bad. I’m not sure how palettes work here, too.

If anyone is able to come up with something better, that would be appreciated!

Thank you for your time.

I’m not sure what exactly you need here regarding palettes, but
can’t you just slap the sprite onto a 248x160 frame like this?

Am I missing something? Animations aren’t complicated in the slightest, especially when they don’t even need a real script


I was able to figure out using still images but I don’t understand how palettes work for battle animations yet.

N426 is probably going to explain that to me. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the help, people!

It should use the default palette unless there’s a specific one for that class/character combo