Unarmed and Dancer Animations?

I’ve been trying to use the Define Multiple Dancers battle animations and it seems to go to the unarmed animation instead of the Anima Animation, how can I fix it?

Looks like the patch simply allows multiple classes to have the Dance/Play action assigned to it. I could be wrong, but I assume that it defaults to the item animation for the class. If the only animations for item are the dodge animation it will play that animation.

For example, the default cleric item (unarmed) animation has the dodge animation play for melee, ranged, critical melee, crit ranged, and dodge. So, if, for example, the animation for staff uses this item animation it will play the dodge animation when using a staff (and likely soft lock).

Looking at the dancer anim it has the dance anim set for everything but dodge. So if you danced or use anima magic you’ll get the dance anim.

Basically whatever action you take that’s the only animation that will play. It probably pulls the animation from melee/ranged sections of the animations, and if those are just set with the dodge anim that’s what you’ll get.

Hopefully that kind of points you in the right direction, not really a lot of information to go off of in the OP. Making sure the weapon types are set to the right animations will probably solve your issue.