Unable to Decompress lz 77 Palette Error in FE Builder

What does this mean? Can someone help me?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Where exactly is the error occurring, as in what module? A decompress error I encounter frequently is for character palettes in the Character Palette editor, as shown below:

If that is the case, then that means that the offset is either incorrect, or the data at that location is not correctly LZ77 compressed, or that the data is not correct at all.
Is my assumption correct that the error is from a character palette issue, or is it something else?

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I’m trying to add custom palettes to characters that have none in my FE-6 hack (Project)
See 79? Bellow that other ones suddenly appear with Chinese/Japanese characters.
I don’t know what to do or what it means. When I repoint 121 (because the extra 3 are the ones with Jap letters it deletes my 121 spot.

If IDs 0x7A, 0x7B, and 0x7C are all invalid data (they give the same decompress error), then it might be better to leave them alone in that case just in case to prevent overwriting potential important code or data.
First, try setting the 124 at the top next to “Count” to 255, press Enter (or click Reload), and look at the other entries past 0x7C. If they(check maybe just a small handful) also are Japanese characters or yield decompress errors, then change the Count back to 121 (not 124). Then try the “Extended List” button and allocate however much space you need. If you are unsure, 255 should be safe bet unless you are running out of space. From there, it should just be writing new pointers into the newly allocated entries.
Let me know how that goes.


Ok I’ll give that a go. Thanks :slight_smile: