UltraFenix's edit sprites previews (making "trequinhos")

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Fe Universe.

This is the first time I make a post to show the things I’m still producing, and I hope I put it in the right category haha.

But let’s get to what I have to show:

Roland 1
Roland 13
Using the Vanilla Roy Durandal animation made by @Link as a base, and inspired by the art of Brave Roy from FEH

@GabrielKnight and @Jeorge_Reds T1 Roy Reskins fusion.

Igrene 0
Inspired by her look in FEH, and using the Louise animation made by @Greentea as base


Narcian 0
Using the Ashnard (F) animation as base made by Luerock and cybaster.The axe is inspired by @Nuramon 's work on the Harbinger’s animation

I think that’s all I have to show for the moment. I have other ideas in my head, but in order not to overload myself with work, I’ll focus on trying to finish the animations of the samples I showed you, and when I have time and patience for that, of course haha :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Ps: “Trequinhos” It’s a slang term in Brazil that can be translates to “little things”.



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Thanks. I really appreciate your support :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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The sprite of roland is amazing and the others too you go animated is sprites?

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Yes, that’s my goal. I’m currently a little busy with a non-Fire Emblem related project at the moment, so unfortunately, I can’t give you an estimate of when I’ll be able to finish these animations. But following my intuition, I think Igrene’s animation will come out first, as there aren’t that many frames to do.
Whenever possible, I will update this thread to inform you about the state of each animation. I hope to continue counting on the support of the community. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


"Are you winning, dad?

Coraline dad meme

(Now posting in the right place :sweat_smile:)


Hey guys. Good morning/afternoon/evening.

Sorry for the little disappearance and lack of update on the animations.
The reason is that I ended up getting a little sick in that time, and I’m still not at 100% health

BUT I managed to work a little and advance a little with the progress of the frames, including new projects that I ended up starting, despite what I said that it wouldn’t overwhelm me creating more new stuff LOL

But now let’s get down to business:

Igrene: 50% ready
(???): 30% ready :shushing_face:
Roland: 20% ready
Roy Reskins Fusion and Narcian: No progress at the moment, unfortunately.

and Here are the new projects started:



Using the Eliwood variant Mage Lord animation made by TytheBub as a base, and inspired by the official character illustration



Using the Magic vanilla variant made by Black Mage, Temp, Wan as a base, and inspired by the official character illustration

I think that’s all I have to show for the moment. Again, sorry for the lack of an update, but hopefully when I’m in better health, I’ll be able to move forward with the animations better. Thank you for understanding.
Oh! And yeah, happy pride month :heavy_heart_exclamation:


dont worry you go more slow posible and relax wait and recover men

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well well it would seem I’m not the only one interested in OA (official art) battle animations :saluting_face:

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