Ultimate Music Pack for GBA - 800+ MIDI files

So, there’s a Resource topic for everything, from animations to sprites to various personal asm threads, but the music department seems to be quite lacking: I’ve decided to share all of the MIDIs I’ve downloaded in three years for Midnight Sun. (more like a dump of random stuff but w/e lol)

Beware: HUGE 680MB folder worth of MIDIs!!! OVER 800 MIDIS OVERALL!!!


Q: What are these?
A: They’re MIDIs I’ve purposedly selected among thousands of other songs. They should fit well in an FE game… I’ve chosen them for Midnight Sun after all.

Q: The names are friggin’ confusing!
A: The names of the MIDIs may be confusing, and the sub-folders as well: everything is far from tidy and presentable, so have fun searching for random stuff! (no sarcasm intended… maybe)
Anyway, keep in mind that I use to write in the title of the MIDIs (mostly in English; sometimes in Italian) some notes on where the song could be used in-game.
For example, you may find “DarkCloud2_Battlefield MAP”. The first part is the original name of the MIDI, and the “MAP” there is my comment (it means I think it would be suited for a map theme). Of course they’re just personal opinions.

Q: Are these ready to be inserted?
A: Nope. At least, most of them aren’t. I’m pretty sure there are about 200 of them that can be inserted right away anyway. You can also find the MIDIs I’ve already inserted in Midnight Sun, or MIDIs that I’ve edited to fit within the (once) 8 notes limit and that I’ve never inserted in the end.

Q: Man… 680MB is huge, are these worth it?
A: You bet they are! If you’re planning on having custom music for your project, good luck finding the MIDIs you need. In most cases, you’ll find low quality midis or unfitting midis. All of these MIDIs, however, are quality-checked, FE-fitting, and some of them even ready to be inserted!

Q: Credit?
A: 99% of these are taken from VGMusic. Unfortunately, I was a dumb kid that didn’t know much about crediting when I downloaded these files almost 10 years ago, so most of them aren’t credited. But I’m sure you can find the info somewhere on the internet. In doubt, just credit VGMusic. Also don’t be an ass and credit the respective owner(s) if they happen to recognize their MIDI file.

Protip: folders with “Da inserire” or “degni di nota” in their name have the best music.

If you don’t know how to work with these:

  1. I’d suggest using Anvil Studio for the editing.
  2. I’d suggest using Sappy for the insertion. Beware: find the right version of it (Sappy 2006) because most of them aren’t compatible with GBAFE.
  3. If you need a tutorial… I think @Agro could link you to that.

Also this is a public resource topic, so feel free to contribute with your good quality MIDIs anytime!


I suppose this is a silly question, but all of the MIDIs in the download are allowed to be inserted, yes? As in, the people that sequenced the MIDIs and/or created them don’t need credit or don’t need to be asked to use them?

Considering it’s a resource, before people dive in, it’d probably be handy to know that.

Yeah of course. They’re all from VGmusic, so by their nature they’re allowed to be downloaded and used without asking permission first.
Some are from japanese sites but it wasn’t mentioned to ask for permission or give credit.
I think it’d be /nice/ to do so, however. But to answer your question, yeah, they’re free to use.

The only exception should be “Battle for Justice ~ Fearless Adversary-marky.mid”. Ask markyjoe if you want to use that.

Link is dead. Probably because its 400mb to host?

Nearly a year later and the link is still dead. Anyone have it?

Updated the link.
680MB worth of MIDIs (800+ files), some of them are categorized based on my intended use in GBAFE. Folders are messy, you’ll have to dig a bit.
Folders with “Da inserire” or “Degni di nota” in their name usually have the best music.
Have fun


rip whoever runs the music repo

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Chair is probably screaming in both pleasure and agony right now.


They’re all midis and the repo takes .s files only so probably not even applicable

The music repo only takes ready to insert .s files so there’s minimal work required by the end user. However, this is another source of midis, which is always welcome.

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BUMP, I fixed the download link, enjoy 680MBs of categorized MIDI files