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ooh yeah he groovin


Someone brought to my attention that the repalettes for the village tileset don’t load properly. Here’s some .bmp files that should load correctly.


As part of this project, I reworked the map by using a custom tileset, made by Flasuban. (It’s the Improved Village Tileset, located here.)



Part of my goal is to not only teach people how to make maps with femapcreator, but also how to make the program itself make maps; ie, how to teach its AI.

This is easier said than done. I’m still learning how to put tilesets and maps together.

Edit: Also, Flasuban has been helping me out. He converted an Eirika mode map to this new tileset. It’s pretty.


not to rain on your parade but it’s probably more useful to just learn how to map in the first place
idk just my opinion lol


Could still be a useful springboard at least, some people might benefit from some kind of base as a launching pad to familiarise themselves with common mapping techniques.

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I think we all remember your opinion, Skitty. There was already an entire topic filled with ‘FE Map Creator sucks’ posts.

The maps I posted above wouldn’t even exist without FEMC, so clearly it has a use.

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Nah NVM not worth it

Moving on…

Chapter 6 of Lyn mode, only this time, I added one layer of height because I didn’t like the outside tiles directly touching the inside tiles, like here:

I had a lot of trouble with the height-increased bottom walls. Specifically, at the end of corners.

I went through many different walls, couldn’t find anything amazing. Flasuban’s gonna try editing the tileset to add those corner walls when he has the time.

This one is my favorite…

A perfect corner!

Anyway. Still working on converting more maps to this tileset. The more I have, the bigger my dataset. I’ll post other converted maps here as I finish them.

FE8 Chapter 5:

More to come.

Edit: FE7 Chapter 23A was a bitch and a half to get working.
This is what I started with upon importing the map image to the tileset:

This is what I finished with after altering and editing the map:

Note that my goal is not to make perfectly accurate versions of the original game maps, but to make maps that flow ideally and don’t have big, annoying tile errors.

Edit: Chapter 16x of Eliwood Mode.


Logged in just to point this out… lol

If it isn’t in the edit history, the typo never existed.

the best girl in TRS


Um… People who know this question but… When will the next Emblem Anims update will come?

Only one person knows. Shin. And Shin’s never around.

So answer: Maybe months from now, maybe never.

We could use a new website, tbh.

Useless to everyone but himself, I gave Caellach a nap and a Snickers bar.



wow he doesn’t look like he’d stab me in the stomach anymore.

just when my back is turned

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Faramir from Berwick Saga


Wow. A lot of map sprites recently

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If I knew anything about website I’d do it tbh, the old site is in dire need of a fix up

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So remember a few hours age when I made Faramir from Berwick Saga.
I thought it would be a good Idea so I made a half body to test myself.
boy did this portrait drain my sanity.
Also thank @Obsidian_Daddy for the help.