Uhm... So, yeah, why not rockband classes?

I’m serious here at this rate I’ll create a weekly thread on concepts called “Rambling Mice” and post this nonsense there whenever I feel like to.

Here goes, I was playing Conquest while hearing the Senbonzakura cover from Wagakki Band and I though “I have a singer… Why not the whole band!?” and then I started making notes.

Why not to make different “Singer” sub-classes with different roles?

First I came up with the Singer, with growths similar to Azura having high Street, Spd, and Res with almost nonexistent HP and Def along with average Lck and Mag, and giving her the ability to either sing to an ally and give him another turn, attack, or sing to enemies and halve their Mov ala On-Sale Freeze Stave. She wields dual swords, cause why not. You can equip a ring on her with limited uses to give a side bonus to stats but also penalties, both depending on the ring used.

Then there’s the Tsugaru Shamisen Priestess, she would be something like a Myrmidon, and her ability would allow to attack, play to an ally and give +Spd to an ally or play for the opponent and cause -Spd for a turn. She wields Shamisen Strings as weapons, and depending on the String the Spd effect changes, some even sapping from an ally’s Spd to get a raise on her own for a turn.

Next is the Wadaiko Guard, this one’s my favorite. She counts as a mounted unit with growths like the Dark Knight emphasis on but more evened, going through the battlefield on a tiny car outfitted with the drums she plays. She has the option to attack up to two tiles away with a physical shockwave, play to an ally and give +Def, play to an enemy and give -Def, the amount and function defined by the drums equipped, OR dismount from her car for a tiny Spd boost, a Def penalty and 7 movement. While dismounted she wields the physical weapon _Taiko Drumstick _ that’s pretty much a hatchet in terms of gameplay uncapable of criting or double attacking at distance, also a bit more hit, about 80%. Oh, and by using the skill “Tempo” she gives +Avo to units within 3 tiles. Yeah, I love this one.

Then comes the Shakuhachi Priest, this guy acts a lot like a healer in Gaiden, his growths are average all over the place except for his high Spd and Skl, with pitiful Def. His combat options are attacking with darts from the Shakuhachi, pretty weak but fast capable of doubling(no debuffing, he’s not a ninja! ), playing to an ally to recover HP or playing to an enemy and halve their HP ala Hex Rod but with the added effect of Nosferatu. Depending on the Shakuhachi he will be able to provide stat bonuses along with his healing, at the cost of him receiving heavy penalties in equal measure, and the healing drains a certain percentage of his own HP. He will be hard to use, but a force to be reckoned if used correctly. Reminds me of Azama.

Next is the Koto Shaman, he’s pretty straight forward and the easiest to use since he works a lot like a normal Sorcerer. His Koto gives him the option to attack from different ranges all the way up to ten with more advanced Kotos’. As for options he can either blast his opponents with magic notes, play for his allies to give +Res or play for the opponents to give -Res. Depending on the Koto he has the most offensive variety having Kotos emulating the likes of Lightning, Mire, Siege and so on. As for the bonuses of each Koto, some will give direct status bonuses while equipped like scrolls, but forget about horse scrolls! Those things are broken and I hate them. I have a bias for Tomes! Fight me!

With that we end with the foreign group but there’s more.

In my tiny draft they meet the Lord while searching for musicians all over this new country to make the greatest music to last for ages and since their own country fell short, they started looking outside.

And talking about outside the first Western instrument will be the Guitar!

The Wandering Guitar takes his growths from the Mercenary and the Fighter which makes them a pretty balanced unit. The Guitar is my take on the Axe and they hit extremely hard…when they hit. And here comes the genius! On combat, a Wandering Guitar can either attack up to two tiles smashing their Guitars on the head of the enemy making the crits fall like snowflakes, play for their allies to give +Skl or play to their enemies to give -Skl. Differently from the other classes they get Skl sapping from the very beginning, and Oh Boy they’ll need it. Their hit rates are abysmal having average skill growths and sapping makes them a high risk high reward unit that will need to swap the enemy, tank a hit or two, because they can, only to have a shot at actually landing their hits. Just to be clear, Guitars have 75% hit on BRONZE rank.

Next, our Western mounted unit the Piano Orchestra, and while I call it piano, it’s more of an ORGAN. This is the answer to the Wadaiko Guard, she sports one more Mov than her analogous class with 5, but she’s also way more brittle with her HP and Def being horrible and their Res only slightly above average. The saving grace? Mag. These guys are frigging cannons! Again an offensive unit they can attack up to two tiles away from harm, play for allies to give +Mag or play for enemies and give -Mag Piano dependant. This unit also receives a bonus from the skill “Resonance” to its Mag whenever a unit stands on their side. Support bonus doesn’t stack. They can dismount for 7 Mov, a bonus in Spd and a penalty to Res. While outside you can use the Music Sheets to attack from a distance and issue the command “Encore”, giving all units within 3 tiles +Crit chances.

And at last, this tiny guy is… Weird. Having only luck left I started to think and, well, this came out.

The "Trumpet Highwayman* is an archer of sorts having up to three tile range. They grow like an Outlaw with a little bit more Str. Their power lies in their class ability, “Appraisal”, a Lack based ability that allows you to steal a certain quantity of money from the opponent, from 10G to 1000G depending on enemy level. They also get the ability “Stunning Performance” lowering the hit rate of enemy units two tiles away. And I mean TWO. On melee range, it won’t activate.

So, what do you all think? Have I gone crazy if I say I want to see it?

This I made it on the spot an hour ago so I have no idea about balance or anything, just give me your thoughts.

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What you hear is what you have. I said they were ramblings didn’t I?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Have I gone crazy?


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The source of inspiration.

The flute guy was funny to look at for some reason.