Turn Limits to Unlock Gaiden (FEBuilder)

A chapter of mine is intended to give a Gaiden if it is completed by turn 20. One of my playtesters finished the chapter on turn 21 and still got the gaiden. When using the check_turns command in FEBuilder, do I need to use the decimal one lower than the actual turn? I originally had it set to check for the decimal 14. Should it be 13 instead? Or maybe I did something else wrong? If anyone knows off the top of their head, I’d appreciate their help!

Just test it. The event will do exactly as you tell it to. I playtest everything I make, because you shouldn’t assume that it’ll work otherwise. (In your case it depends on whether you used BGT/BLT or BGE/BLE, probably. One is Branch if Greater Than / Less Than while the other is Branch if Greater or Equal or if Less than or Equal.)

You can make use of febuilder’s debugger to freeze enemies or clear the chapter for you on command. But more generally speaking, I often test out events using houses and savestates to save on time.

Savestates I understand, but why and how houses?

The easy way is to make an event at a certain turn that turns a flag on and then check for that flag at the end.

@Telos Easier to test cutscene events that depends on units being in certain coords etc. in a house you can visit so you don’t have to wait for the chapter to load or go through a prep menu each time.

With a buildfile or when testing asm I often use the Savekiller patch to make it so Resume is never there, always Restart, which saves half a second here and there and makes it less annoying.

@JeyTheCount either way you are checking for something in the end event and branching based on the result. I don’t think that method is any easier. You don’t have to put a number into a memory slot but instead you must add a dummy turn event with a flag…

1. Fact check

First, make sure that what the test player is saying is true.
Either ask him for the sav data, or go through the game to that chapter yourself and check the issue.
It is important to check the facts to avoid being fooled by fake news. :slight_smile:

If he doesn’t give you the sav data, you can use the warp cheat in FEbuilderGBA’s debugger or the stage skip cheat (Ctrl + U) to advance to that stage.

Once you get to the chapter you want, use the FEBuilderGBA’s debugger’s cheat to skip turns, or use the cheat to make all player units strongest, or use the cheat to not move enemies, and wait until your desired turn.
Then, when the desired turn comes, get a stat save.
The reason for getting a state save is that you will need it for debugging purposes.

Once you’ve gotten this far, all you have to do is clear the stage or force quit with the skip cheat to generate an EndEvent.
Were you able to reproduce the problem?

If you were able to reproduce the problem, then you are halfway through the process.
If you can’t reproduce the problem, ask the test player to confirm the conditions for reproduction.

2. Fix

Once you have identified the problem, the next step is to fix it.

Since you have just obtained a state save, you can reproduce and test the problem as many times as you like.
This kind of environment, where you can reproduce the problem as many times as you want and play safely, is called a sandbox.
If you can create a sandbox, you are on the verge of victory.

Check the conditional branch to gaiden in EndEvent.
You are writing something wrong.
I can’t advise you on the specifics without seeing the data.
If you need advice, please send me a report7z. :stuck_out_tongue:

3. Testing

Once you have fixed the problem, make sure it works.
Also, make sure you haven’t done anything extra to destroy it.

In this case, the test items are as follows:

  1. under conditions where gaiden branching should be done, is it possible to move to gaiden correctly?
  2. can you confirm that it does not go to the gaiden under conditions where gaiden branching is not possible?

Please check these two points.

4. End

Thank you for your time.
The problem is now solved.

Did you notice that the longest part of this process is to reproduce the problem?
That’s the hardest part.
That’s why we need the sav data, and we need report7z which contains the sav data.
And I’m sure you’ve also noticed that I haven’t written anything about how to fix it specifically.
This is not because I’m trying to troll, but because without seeing the data, I really can’t give any advice.
If we only had report7z, we could fix the problem without any extra effort on each other’s part, even though we can check both the sav data and the actual data.


Ahhh I see, I see. Interesting. Thank you!