Trying to make a hack

I’m hoping someone can help me, but when I start the first map this happens : Capture

It’s just stuck like that and I have no idea on how to fix it, I am using FEBuilder and her is what the start event coding looks like

1st :

2nd : Capture%202

3rd : Capture%203

If anyone could help me, I would be very appreciative.

Is it stopping after finishing all of the event or is it stopping at a specific spot?

With just going off the pictures the fact that 0x2 and 0x68 both being Deborah might have something to do with it. It might be trying to put a frame on a character that doesn’t actually exist on screen. Try changing the 0x68 to 0x2 or vice versa.

It stops on the first frame of when the chapter starts, so that means no characters are loaded. I also switched them around and had the same results.

Do you have any patches installed? Or is this a vanilla FE8?
I tried recreating it and it plays just fine on plain old FE8 with no patches.

You should try debugging by taking out each event command one by one to see which causes the issue. Also… why does your map look like that? Is that just a map of all grass?

I have a couple of patches installed, alright thanks for the tip and the map looks like that for testing purposes. (stats,see if it can load. etc.)

I removed all the patches and she same thing happened.Might just come back to this later.

If you make a .UPS patch of your hack and post it here, I will find and fix your problem for you. Do you know how to make a .UPS using FEBuilder?

I would appreciate that very much.

The Patch :

What game does this patch over? I assumed FE8 but the file does not match

Ya sorry FE8 is right, the way that febuilder changed its way of getting ups made it a bit harder this should work now

Patch :

If I were to guess, I would say somewhere in your editing process you broke the games internal code. The game only loads the chapters upon starting a new game. After that if I try to restart the chapter, the game freezes and cannot even recognize the script. I have never experienced this problem before. I recommend you create an error report using FEBuilder, and submit the report on the FEBuilder thread: FE_Builder_GBA

Alright thank you for a explanation, but I don’t know how I would go about wording it.

Also I tested things out and it turns out patching stuff makes this happen. Kinda bums be out.

Are you patching with FEBuilder? If so, I get similar kinds of errors as well that bork certain functions. I expanded weapon icons and used the patch to fix the bug with using item icon IDs past a certain point and it completely broke all staff healing. What seems to fix this is going to the area FEBuilder blanked out at the location of the old data and pasting back the data from a clean ROM so that it looks like no edits were made in that section.
Some other patches seem to mess my game up as well, so having back-up copies from before patching helped me identify the source of the problem.
Not really sure if this information would help you, but I suppose you could try seeing if FEBuilder 00’d some data and pasting back the original data from a clean ROM and see if that works.