Trainee Units: Necessary?

So I’m making a sacred stones hack that incorporates the use of many extra classes. To account for limited palletes, I’m considering making Ross a Pirate, Amelia a Soldier and Ewan a Mage. Should I go through with that? Or should trainees be kept trainees?

Hard to say in a vacuum without understanding the other changes to the class tree.

Some players will bemoan the loss of trainees, others won’t care that much if at all.

It will come down to how you execute on this and if it makes sense / is fun in game.

Good luck.


Basically every base class has can use 4 different items to promote, meaning 4 different tier 2 classes per base class.

Yeah I could see the limitations there w/ trainees. I’m sure if everyone gets a bunch of options for that “trainee branching feel”, you won’t get many complaints. :+1:

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I feel as if a good balance to the lack of trainees is to keep their bases low (although maybe not as low as their trainees) but greatly improve their growths. Like nino+afa drops, as opposed to their mediocre growths of base game.

If you are planning to include lots of promotion options per unit I’d like to have the possibility to have every promotion in the same playtrough, most players go for the best promotion possible but some of us like to screw around with different units even if they are not top tier.

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Actually, I plan to include a seal that reverts a unit to their base class, which in tandem with the skill system allows for a lot of customization.

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You can expand the palette table to fit everything you’d like, anyways.

Under the context of FE8, I’ve always found Ross thoroughly fun and Amelia and Ewan thoroughly un-fun, so making them start as T1 wouldn’t be a huge loss


Wait so I must’ve completely missed that. So I can have more than 4 promoted class palletes?

I think the above poster means that you can expand the total number of palettes. The base game has a total of 108 palettes, so you can have more than that if you expand the table.

However, I believe that every unit can have a maximum of 7 palettes, so technically you can have more than 4 promoted class palettes. FEBuilder labels them as 1 trainee, 2 base classes, and 4 promoted classes but that doesn’t matter.
That means that you can have a maximum of 3 unpromoted palettes +4 promoted palettes, or 2 unpromoted and 5 promoted, etc. Just a maximum of 7 per unit.

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Depends on the game you make and on the play style. Most trainee units are gimmick units that can be actually good, but only with enough investment. Scattering 2-3 around the whole game is definetily not too much, as players can adept those units to there play style or completely bench them.
Fire Emblem would have a totally different gameplay, if more then half of your army would consist of trainee units - which would be quite fun to see, as the player is then pushed to think, if it would be a good idea to use to train a unit that can become good, or a unit which is fantastic now and fantastisch later.

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I see, thank you for clarification. I’ll just go with my original idea then.

They’re not really necessary, though I’ll be personally sad I can’t make Ewan a Shaman.

I love making Amelia a Soldier, though. Cool decision, I approve. :smiley:

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Don’t worry, Ewan will have access to plenty of dark magic.