Trainee class question

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While I was in febuilder, I decided to change my main characters starting class to a new trainee class, through the patches I found one that allows 3 or more trainees to be registered. I installed the patch, used the editor to make my new class into a trainee class with the three default classes in the case I want to use them later. However doing so didn’t do anything. I did make the class max level 10 but it did not lead to the class change choices.

Also, every other patch option regarding trainees becomes unavailable due to it being in conflict with the 3 or more trainee register. So because of that, I closed without saving.

I have no idea what went wrong and if it the option is impossible, should I just stick with the his original class choice instead?

I don’t know about trainees in particular, but I did make a patch that lets x unit(s) promote at y level as menu command.


It wouldn’t have the little scene in preparations menu like trainees usually have (which I thought the patch you were using is supposed to do), but you could still set max level 10 and have a way to promote them.


I’ll give it a shot, time to make Seth a training dummy again.

When you press f5 in feb and start the emulator it opens a debugger window which you can set units’ stats, levels, exp, etc. in.

I did not know that, from the tutorial videos I saw, I had to do all that manually in the unit placer.

The debugger window edits things in ram so it’s just edits that will affect your current playthrough / save file, not the actual .gba file.

Patch work likes a charm. Thank you very much! Probably will use it as way to promote any other chosen trainees (if needed).

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Recommended guides if you’re new to this:

Glad it worked. Good luck!

Sounds pretty cool. I assume this would allow me to set it so units can promote manually at level 20? Is the link to the patch in your thread?

@CanDy Yes. It’s also a patch on febuilder.

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