Trade Checking - Allowing Trades With Not-Player-Units


The check is at 0802522C.

Edit: Also, FE8 has a hard check for the class ID of the ghost warriors for summoning.

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Now to make the enemy trade screen use the class Icon or something instead of derped out portaits?

I don’t do graphics :(.

Then again I can probably just break on read to the portrait value.

Halfway to a Capture command?

Nah, this is just the easy part. But that was one of the ideas I was thinking about taking this.

(Maybe, like, 2…3…% complete)

Other stuff to make capture - Some method of specifying you want to capture after attacking, actual battle modifications(I can hit those pretty easy), killing the enemy upon drop(shouldn’t be too bad?), actually making the pseudo-rescue and drop

I have no idea if this is helpful, but enemies can rescue enemies with the mine glitch.

Then if the enemy that is rescuing another enemy is recruited while they’re still rescuing the enemy. (I did this with Geitz) You have a player unit with an enemy unit rescued. (red icon on the stat screen and all that too)

I… don’t remember what happens when you drop them though lol I’m fairly sure it didn’t explode or anything, I’m pretty sure they could just be dropped normally(so that is probably why I don’t exactly remember, nothing interesting happened lol).