TLP with updated animations locked?

ok so I was just scrolling and saw a post TLP with updated animations clicked on it but after I scrolled down I saw it was locked,by a leader named dancer_A I just wanted to ask why it was locked,copyright?,improper credit?

how about dead??? the creator last posted in said topic in 2019
don’t make topics like this

oh sorry my bad im so sorry this won’t happen again I promise

this is fake kelik wouldn’t say this


But the OP had been edited continuously with updates all the way till last month.

…well…what do u want me to reply with,pure edgeiness?

I had some Q about this hack too but after 5 mins it got locked.

Called necroposting , but where do we ask Questions about the hack then even if the OP isnt online anymore other ppl can still answer or help.

All they’ve done was reformat the first post; the last actual update is listed for August 2020.

In this instance the OP is online still, just not active in that topic. DM them.
Otherwise, make a topic asking about it; bumping a dead thread is pointless and gives the wrong impression that there are new updates when instead it’s someone asking why the link is dead.


Must have misread what the spoiler tag was saying.
I’ll re open it


To be fair, that was pretty easy to miss.