'Tis I, Tauro!

Greetings, one and all. I am Tauro. You might know me from SF or (If you’re a longtime FE fan) from FESS. I haven’t been active in the FE community as of late, but with the upcoming release of FE:3 Houses, I thought to come back.

I’ve made a few FE-related Projects over the years, from an unfinished FE Gaiden walkthrough since lost to the sands of time, to a few RPs, and even a brief dalliance with romhacking.

In my mid-thirties, I am practically one of, if not the oldest Fire Emblem fan here.

I am more a lurker and replier than I am a topic starter, so take no alarm at my extended absences. It means I am working or life is in the way!

That is all that I have at the moment. I hope to have a good time here. :sunglasses:


I think I remember you but
I can’t say for sure lol

Welcome back regardless!

Don’t worry man, I know a good deal of old fogies around here

I saw the name in the headline and I wasn’t sure if it was just someone that happened to like Tauroneo or if it was the Tauro.

Nice to see you back around.