Tirado Emblem DEMO


Attention, ladies and gentlemen… I bring you… Tirado Emblem!
[Title screen not done yet]

We have a discord server for Tirado Emblem! Come join it over at https://discord.gg/4kj99Rh!

***Get the patch here! (Apply over FE8U)***


New maps!

Utilization of the skill system!

Displayed growths and other neat conveniences!

New weapons and palettes!

Brand new characters,

And some more familiar ones, too.

Even some custom animations!

And a tip system, too!

Blueyguy for a bunch of sprites, namely the FE8 styled Fir, and Kate
BorsDeep for doing the FE8 styled Slater
DerTheVaporeon for some other sprites, like FE8 styled Rebecca, along with helping me with blinking frames for Furia
Celerity910 for the Razor Blade icon
anon95016704 for being me
Vividria for being me but better
Teraspark for the Dark Knight class animations
shadowofchaos, bonestorm, and Lawilet for the Zephiel King fix
shadowofchaos and Hextator for the Beta Eirika fix (not ingame yet)
Vividria because I deserve another credit for dragging Tirado to relevance
Oh, dear, credits for skill system. Here goes.
circleseverywhere, StanH, Tequila, Rossendale, Leonarth, and Teraspark for making the skills, monkeybard and Black Mage for the icons, Primefusion for the test map, and 7743 for the remap string.
Finally, Kirb fixed the debuff glitch, and allowed save expansion also kirb is like, the best person.
Aera for making the shinan patch used for the tip system, and 7743 for porting it to FE8U
Miguel Rojo for the posessed Tirado sprite (unused as of current)
The Blind Archer for the sword/axe/bow armor knight animation and class icons for them
Eliwood_of_Pherae and TheImperialKnight for putting Ephraim’s face on my shameless self-insert (Not seen ingame.)
Scraiza and DerTheVaporeon for fixing Arla up various times
@Vividria because I deserve a third credit and I made a handful of ports, and ported over some music. (I also sell port and port accessories)

Some special thanks:
Kao, Pikmin1211, paterick, P33RL355, SD9000, Kyubey, DerTheVaporeon, and Kirb. Yep, that’s the entire Resonance team. If it hadn’t been for you all, I wouldn’t have been confidant enough to work on a hack to where I am now.

cardcafe, Kao, DerTheVaporeon, and Fatih for being good mods on the TE discord server.

Literally like everyone on Ft. Mangs’ Patreon chat for showing such amazing support for the hack in general

My bestest of friends here, Blueyguy, Klokinator, Zane, 2WB, Glacoe, Zmr, DerSlendy, circleseverywhere, and DerTheVaporeon. You’ve all stuck with me as friends, and I owe you my highest regard.

But in an even higher regard is @Kirb, who introduced me to Fire Emblem ROMhacking. Without him, I wouldn’t be here with this project.

Of course, you, the viewer, deserve a big credit for even taking the time to read this thread and show your interest in my work.
But most of all is Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. What game franchise would we love without you guys?

Beating Prologue takes you to a very early version of 5x.
In 5x, you cannot seize the throne. Instead, the seize point is actually a tile adjacent to Marisa. Seize with Groznyi.
If Groznyi dies, 5x becomes unwinnable (his death doesn’t trigger a gameover unlike Ephraim)
If you beat 5x, you continue on to a vanilla version of Ch6, to which the rest of the vanilla FE8 lies ahead. Caellach, Fir, and Farina join your army here, even though they’re not supposed to.
Using the guide feature in any chapter other than the prologue triggers a game crash.

Much of the writing here is laughably bad due to it being my first try at writing back two months ago. Characters are frequently referred by different names of older versions (Hawke being called Valter, Bone being called a skeleton when he’s a warrior now), etc. This will be updated soon.

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congrats on release!


About time that everyone’s favorite character got their own game!


:astonished: Kewl! UwU


Oh look! Everyone’s favorite king of Renvall has his’s own game now. Congrats on that Release though.


wait wasn’t this a thing like years ago, or is this a different tirado emblem


No. I only started this a few months ago but I focused more on Resonance, neglecting TE and “killing it.”
I ended up recovering a backup of this (the most recent version I had) and here we are now.


did you make a trailer?
because those maps are very similar


Congratulations on patch release.

The shinan patch was made by aera made for FE8J.
ngmansion is the name of his website(?)

I transplanted it to FE8U.



Yes, that was a long time back before my hard drive crash.

I actually completely forgot about that preview but I probably wouldn’t have used it considering how much more broken Tirado was back then (Seal Speed is busted)

@7743 Thank you. I’ll list Aera in the credits, and I’ll list you for porting the patch to FE8U

EDIT: Apparently that preview is suuuper old, bone is still a wight, hawke is valter, poor writing, three enemies, not even the map sprite colors or music was changed yet


oh okay so that was you haha


Yes, that’s me. (hence the credit to anon95016704, my deleted account here)


The Discord link expired, I was wondering if this still is being developed?


Tirado Emblem is very dead, people didnt really like it so i cancelled it in favor of Resonance.


Topic closed upon author request.