Tirado Emblem DEMO

Oh my god please delete this alread


congrats on release!

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About time that everyone’s favorite character got their own game!

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:astonished: Kewl! UwU

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Oh look! Everyone’s favorite king of Renvall has his’s own game now. Congrats on that Release though.

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wait wasn’t this a thing like years ago, or is this a different tirado emblem

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No. I only started this a few months ago but I focused more on Resonance, neglecting TE and “killing it.”
I ended up recovering a backup of this (the most recent version I had) and here we are now.

did you make a trailer?
because those maps are very similar


Congratulations on patch release.

The shinan patch was made by aera made for FE8J.
ngmansion is the name of his website(?)

I transplanted it to FE8U.

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Yes, that was a long time back before my hard drive crash.

I actually completely forgot about that preview but I probably wouldn’t have used it considering how much more broken Tirado was back then (Seal Speed is busted)

@7743 Thank you. I’ll list Aera in the credits, and I’ll list you for porting the patch to FE8U

EDIT: Apparently that preview is suuuper old, bone is still a wight, hawke is valter, poor writing, three enemies, not even the map sprite colors or music was changed yet

oh okay so that was you haha

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Yes, that’s me. (hence the credit to anon95016704, my deleted account here)

The Discord link expired, I was wondering if this still is being developed?

Tirado Emblem is very dead, people didnt really like it so i cancelled it in favor of Resonance.

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