Tips for Mass Movement of Animations(Feditor)

So I have a rom I’ve been working on with a crapload of animations added and a lot of nightmare edits. It has started to get a little glitchy and I want to restart in a fresh rom. I know I can just copy and paste my item and class arrays and stuff like that in a hex editor to quickly redo all of my nightmare changes, but can I do the same thing for animations added through feditor? Or do I need to add each one like I did initially?

I’ve been trying to add them back one at a time and its a pain because they keep screwing up adjacent animations. Is it better to open feditor, save, add a bunch of animations, save then close or should I save after every single one I insert? I’ve had issues with not saving correctly before.

You should expand the array instead of replacing old animations. It’s pretty glitchy, since animations that belong to the same class often share graphics/data between them.

It wouldn’t be possible to do a clean copy/paste of your battle animations array, unless you copied all of the animation data in the exact same locations (otherwise the pointers would simply break).

Ok, I just gave up trying to replace and just added everything at the end and had no problems. Thanks