Tiled Multiple Maps Trouble

So I’m having some issues. I have my fe7 template and everything fine. The issue is, this is my first time trying to use tiled for multiple maps on one game. I’m not sure what’s wrong. My map is supposed to look like but just looks like this when I try and load the game. Can someone help me? (btw I my offset for this prologue map was 01000000 and the write map pointer to was at C9C9D8 too. Just some info.)

I think your problem is nightmare or whatever table editor you’re using to point to map pointers
Can you post a screen of what you have in the chapter data editor?

Not necessarily. I am able to use tilesets that say “unusable” just fine, the palette for certain tiles just happen to appear strange or discolored. Either the tileset data was overwritten or something messed up the tileset data. I used to get issues like that as well with the Fields 1 and Fields 2 tilesets; re-starting over and locating real free space solved the issue.
I am pretty certain the tileset data was just overwritten; either restarting using a different location for events, etc. or copy-pasting the bytes for the relevant data should fix the issue(s).

This doesn’t have anything to do with the palette (all of the village palettes have something unusable about them).

Did you update the correct pointer? It should be the 4th entry in the Event References module (“0x03 - 0x04 Prologue Map”).
Is the value 0x09000000?

If that’s all correct, can you give us a screen shot of the Tiled Map Inserter before you insert the map?

That’s what the tiled inserter said I believe. As for the other solution proposed, I’ll have to try it later today. I have classes soon.

Okay my question now is, when I insert my maps and everything can I do them all at once and then edit them in nightmare? Or would I need to insert one at a time and edit it then insert another etc.?

It depends on what you want to edit. If it’s just stuff in the Chapter Data editor, you can insert them all in one go.