Thunder animation

Sooooooo i have another question. sorry xD
this time i’m having trouble with an animation. I just gave tomahawk to an enemy unit, and edited with the spell animation editor the animation, having so that tomahawk would generate a thunder animation. But in game, the enemy unit attacks, the ally units loses hp/dodges and the game crashes. It doesn’t exactly crash, it just stops with the enemy in the position of throwing an axe and the other things (music, wta animations…) go on. Sorry if i don’t provided any screenshot, but i’m from cell and i’m unable to do any.
how can i solve this ? thanks in advance !

Axemen with Tomahawks behave differently than usual battle animations, if you want a magic axe, you’re gonna have to make a new animation for it.

Only magic swords will ever work. There is actually maybe a magic axe/lance fix patch, you’d have to ask Arch. I know he gave Hawkeye a magic axe in a video once and it totally worked.

Magic lances and bows work, since those have a ranged that doesn’t wait for the animation. It’s just that axes have no built in ranged animation, and hand axes have a signal to wait. You can see this in vanilla FE7 if you watch through the class roll till a hand axe animation shows up.

Okay, thanks. I’ll search for that patch, klok.

it’s not a fix patch as much as a specially-coded spell animation (rey did that from scratch iirc)