Three Thracia Questions

  1. First and foremost: where does the game handle the minimal and maximum battle accuracy?

  2. On another note, where does the game tell which weapon types to subtract con from weight and which ones not to?

  3. Lastly, where does the game handle Leif and Linoan’s class change events? They aren’t in the promotion editor, so it seems like it’s handled elsewhere.

Here’s the process:

[details=Coding stuff]83d38b sep #$20
83d38d stz $0b <-- default 0 or $0B
83d38f lda $0f50
83d392 bit #$08
83d394 bne $d39b <-- Branches if $0F50 (I’ll have to check if it’s $7E0F50) has the 4th bit from the right on–I’m guessing this relates to magic stuff
83d396 lda $0011,x <-- Build stat
83d399 sta $0b <-- Build stat gets stored in $0B
83d39b lda $0f3e <-- Weapon Weight
83d39e sec
83d39f sbc $0b <-- subtracts Build stat from Weapon Weight if 1st Branch didn’t happen
83d3a1 bpl $d3a5 <-- non-negative result results in Branch
83d3a3 lda #$00 <-- minimizes result to 0
83d3a5 sta $0b <-- Surplus Weight gets stored in $0B
83d3a7 lda $000e,x <-- Speed stat
83d3aa sec
83d3ab sbc $0b <-- subtracts Surplus Weight from Speed
83d3ad bpl $d3b1 <-- non-negative result results in Branch that seems to skip a lda #$00 (minimizes result to 0 again)
83d3b1 sta $0046,x <-- Fight Speed gets stored in $7EA535
83d3b4 rep #$30
83d3b6 rts

If you’re aiming to change the used stat from Con/Body/Build to Strength, you can set the “11” at I would believe to be 83D397 to “0B.” However, I’d be more for multiplying the influence of Surplus Weight.

Addendum (8:30 PM PST): here’s the HEX on the ROM, found at 01D38B:

[details=Chemical…HEX]E220 <-- Set Processor Status Bits $20
640B <-- Store 0, [$0B]
AD500F <-- Load A, [$0F50]
8908 <-- BIT A, $08 (I guarantee this is a tome check)
D005 <-- Branch NZ +5
BD1100 <-- Load A, [X+$0011]
850B <-- Store A, [$0B]
AD3E0F <-- Load A, [$0F3E]
38 <-- Set Carry
E50B <-- Subtract Carry A, [$0B]
1002 <-- Branch NN +2
A900 <-- A = 0
850B <-- Store A, [$0B]
BD0E00 <-- Load A, [X+$000E]
38 <-- Set Carry
E50B <-- Subtract Carry A, [$0B]
1002 <-- Branch NN +2
A900 <-- A = 0 (I was right!)
9D4600 <-- Store A, [X+$0046]
C230 <-- Reset Processor Status Bits $30
60 <-- Return from Subroutine[/details]

So now we have an idea of how to ASM hack Thracia 776. Maybe we can eventually get rid of healing wands missing.


That’s a very good start. However, I’m looking to have it set to strength when the weapon is magic and constitution when it isn’t.

I was also looking in HxD for these values but didn’t find them. It appears assembly is a different beast. What’s the best way to find those values?

Oh I used Hex Workshop to dig up the Hex. I also found instructions here:

The 0001C000-00020000 codeblock has its FFs start at 0001FCD3 (right after a 6B, which is a Return From Subroutine Long instruction), which means a total of 557 bytes to work with for additional ASM hacking in the codeblock. I doubt it’s a bad amount of room for making use of JSR functions like what I like to do, but it’s definitely recommended to avoid being complacent.

Come to think of it, though, Strength playing more of a role against Weight when tomes are used is actually a good idea. I’m going to try to calculate what would work best and how the Hex could be modified.


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