Three short questions

I have three little questions:
1- Im very begginer at hacking fire emblem games, the question is ¿What program do you recommend me to use and what of them is more “noob-friendly”? FE builder, FEXNA or LEX TALIONIS? Also of the two later, they support routes splits like FE8?
2- I know that you can import images as maps in FE builder, there is a similar option in FEXNA and LEX TALIONIS? Also about importing, how much colors it should have? Also how much pixels are the size of every tile of a fire emblem game?
3- There is a limit of colors at FEXNA and LEX TALIONIS like in the GBA versions of fire emblem?

3rd question answer:
2nd Question answer :
Every sprite use a palette of 16 colors with one as the transparent background color. So there are just 15. One palette could be used by many different sprites.
Don’t know about the size of the tiles.
1st question answer:
Use the one you like. FEBuilder it’s for hackroms that it’s take an official rom and make a patch that will edit the rom as you want (did).
And yes if you use FE8 as base you will have two routes/paths

Other answers could be better than mine but i hope my answers helps you a bit at least.

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Depending on if you can program or not will answer this question. With little to no knowledge of it, tactile (fexna) is going to be difficult if you want to really use the engine as intended. LT I know little about, but given it is also a non-gba engine, most likely coding knowledge is recommended. FEBuilder is probably your best starting point.

Regardless of engine, you can convert images to various map files for insertion. The colors question is not specific enough to give an answer to. Every tile in GBA FE is 16x16. Outside of that it varies.

Tactile ~65025. LT is probably similar.


Thanks a lot for the two answers, they were very useful, now I have a better idea of how things works:)

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