Thread for hack ideas that came to you in a dream

Like, ones that literally just showed up uncalled for in a dream that might actually be feasible! Or not!

Last night I had the two following things make me wake up thinking about getting off my butt and learning ASM:

  • A “Panic” button for a blue unit that skips enemy phase and the rest of player phase, inflicts Berserk on the unit, and changes their allegiance to green for the rest of the chapter. I have no idea what this would be useful for but apparently my Blue Reflection/Soma Bringer/Fire Emblem crossover dream thought it was necessary.

  • A whole-ass CG sequence as a cut-in for a battle quote. Although I doubt this would be possible unless someone’s figured out how to seamlessly call events from LITERALLY anywhere that then go back to the state the game was in just prior.

Anyone else have horrible horrible brains that subject them to things like this in their sleep? Vent it here!



Eagle’s CO power is very powerful. It’s typically used to end a chapter a turn early. Berserk isn’t much of a downside when you can set up their placement beforehand and can quickly finish the chapter after using it.

It’d be very easy to implement if all it does is refresh all other player units and berserks the user. Though balance wise, I think the game would become centralized around this power, rather than it acting like a panic button / turn-wheel system.


Haha, tbf in my dream, it was more that it skipped to green phase and kept the “gray” player unit states. It was essentially to force the berserk unit to act immediately upon using the Panic option. There’s probably a more elegant way to do it.

(NO idea how this would be useful in any way shape or form btw)

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Due to working on my hack very late at night I sometimes dream about things like working on the hack or what happens in the story. There have been a few small things that have been influenced by what happened in a dream such as the character Barya having some screentime alongside the mainstays for a bit but there was one really big story event that was influenced by a dream.

Obvious spoilers for my hack, Host of the Dark

During the initial stages of rewriting the story of the hack after a review of the hack I had a dream about reviewing the hack and showing surprise in the fact that Sol was portrayed very sympathetically and how they thought that they were fighting on the wrong side.

This idea sat in my head as this weird dream until I looked back on the story of the initial release and saw just how suddenly Sol turned from a generic villain to someone the player was supposed to feel sorry for so I decided to follow the review of a dream person and make Sol and the demon race as a whole much more sympathetic, as well as give Sol’s generals much more screentime since they were only given one scene in the initial release.

As for gameplay features, the only thing that comes to mind was one weird dream I had which was just the last escape map of the manster arc of FE5 but instead of Lief it was the protagonist of my hack which I guess could’ve inspired the second chapter’s escape objective?


boat emblem, takes place on FE8 style world map, but it’s just a bunch of ocean and boats


Purse cutter emblem. Thieves, thieves everywhere, all of whom have despoil, but there is only a few shops that actually sell weapons they can use.


I think the most notable idea I had, i.e. not just for a specific chapter without much novel about it, was for a new monster type, actually. I don’t know how feasible it would be to program their particular gimmick, though.

From my dream journal document:

…strange, gimmicky skull spirit monster enemies. They weren’t actually invincible, but they obscured how much damage your own characters would do to them by displaying “0” in the “ATK” section of the Combat Forecast and in battle. They also had a unique property where, if a combat engagement with one failed to kill it and at least one other was still alive, the combined HP of all surviving skull-spirit monsters would be added up, then evenly distributed amongst them. This made them very tough to deal with, as they were still fairly bulky underneath their damage reception-obscuring gimmick, and this just made each one take even less damage, effectively, per combat engagement.


A good chunk of Searching for Light’s cast came from a dream where I was in a zombie apocalypse of some kind.
Some select people from that dream became units in an old hack, and some of those units remained in SFL.
Most notably is the dream version of me being Dane.
My “sister”(I don’t have a sister irl) being Valeriya.
Some random girl being Mara.

So yeah…I have really weird dreams sometimes.


Strength of Arms, everyone has 0 strength or magic while all weapons have +3-5 might respectively. The underlying idea being the weapon is the only reason the cast is capable of fighting.

What did you do!? emblem, where every map has every enemy b-lining for a single different unit in your army at a time usually due to having done something to piss off that particular enemy.

Medic’s oath, a painful journey where your cast is entirely comprised of staunch pacifists who can only heal. You follow a platoon of fairly skilled green units around and keep them alive as they slowly but surely clear every map.

Discretion is the Better part of Valor, every map has an escape point that rewards you for forsaking EXP and leaving enemies alive.

I have loads of strange ideas for gameplay like these but not enough creativity to make a world, characters, supports, map layouts, music choices, etc.

Edit:If any of my ideas sound like something anyone wants to turn into a hack, go right ahead, just acknowledge my core conecept is all I ask.