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Fucking awesome, is there any specific you want input on?

implementation, presentation, spacing anything

perhaps make the box containing them opaque? imo, with the translucency they might not do the best job of being all that noticeable compared to the huge opaque stat box above them, which might cause a practical issue with players sort of overlooking skills when checking stats then promptly getting fucked. that might not be that big a deal though, idk

My only complaint is it being in 144p

I think it looks nice, but I agree with @bookofholsety, it might be better with an opaque background instead of the transparent one

I disagree on the opaque container box. The B/W/L box and the class/level/exp/etc box both use semi-transparent boxes (in fact, I think the Skill box is literally the B/W/L box as it is, just with those statistics removed?) and I can’t think of anyone complaining about those before. Besides, it’s the skill icons that are important, not the box, and with borders, they stand out against the background anyway.

I honestly think the only thing “missing” would be a label for the section, but I don’t know how much trouble and effort it would be to draw the box a bit lower and draw some text above it to emphasize that they’re skills. Then again, by this point, anyone playing a (custom) ROM should have enough knowledge of the series to understand that those kinds of icons mean skills anyway…

Hmmm. I’m not sure, but I think making the box opaque might do a good thing.

I always figured it being a bit see through when it had BWL was to draw less attention as BWL aren’t really important data, but due to skills being more important to the player, it shouldn’t blend into the background (literally lol?)

Does that design philosophy make sense or no

A suggestion: move the skill icons a row down in order not to cover the B/W/L display. Ignore this if you have disabled that function.

A question: How to adjust the amount of the R-button help box? I can put 6 help boxes there but if that unit only has 5 skills, the 6th one will still appear.

That’s actually an interesting thought but it looks a bit cramped don’t you think?

yeah, I’m not really a fan of that layout either to be honest…

I feel a bit betrayed, but otherwise cool.

I don’t see why you need the Win Loss ratio. It seems like useless info that could just be put in the credits/endings instead.

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I didn’t forget about you <3

I totally agree.

Which is why I used it for skills instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because it is my principle to hack as little as possible. Now that Nintendo/IS thinks that is a valuable function, I keep it there. – I prefer adding to replacing/removing. –

I didn’t overwrite the vars so if I really do need to put the BWL back I could just cp that code section from a clean rom but I doubt I will

I personally dislike that approach. It really doesn’t allow to be much creative.
Interesting, though, it clearly shows how cultural differences influence even the smallest of things.

too many skills?


<3 brendor my dear

What skills are currently possible? Basically any passive skill, right?