[Thoughts & Question] Can we expand Sprit palette to 0x20 length?

I took a look at the palette distribution during E-MAPMAIN, and I feel that it will be OK to rearrange three faction’s unit obj-palette to:

  • blue: 0x9 + 0xA
  • Red: 0xB + 0xC
  • Green: 0xD + 0xE
  • Wait: 0xF

In addition, it looks like that the palette can be more expanded by rearranging the obj-palette arrangement from 0x0 to 0x8 . It’s a little troublesome to be honest, but this work seems not to be technically impossible. However, no one has implemented this hack so far.

Can we make sprits (or more generally, for all objects) to use more than 0x10 long palette? Is there any reason why no such hack, or is there any troubles with it if there ever been any one looked into this issue?

Isn’t the GBA 16-bit? One rendered object can only have 16 colors in a 16-bit game - in order to get around that, you’d have to render a separate object on top of another for more colors (like in Mega Man).
If this is just to assign more than one set of colors to an object, that might work? I don’t know why you would want that, though.

Well this is used in vanilla GBA FE for some animations (such as manaketes and ballistae).

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