This website gives me error !? I'm being Hacked?

Hello guys Im lukirioh. Since the last year I can’t log in to this website … I can’t even load this page while others works perfectly well on my phone.
But now it’s when I get really frustrated about it.
I tried to delete the cookies and try it again and nothing.
I tried to create a mobile hotspot and share the connection with other dispositive and nothing
In last instance I opted for use another phone that isn’t mine to try to log in and that’s why I could write this message.
Please can someone tell me what’s happening on my phone and how I can solve this problem. ?
I don’t wanna ask for favor to my friends to post every new content of my project everytime I make a new one.
I hope you understood me.

Have you tried using a different browser? Some phones have multiple (Like google chrome and samsung internet for an example). Otherwise it might help too Google if people have the same issue!

Let’s hope you get to log in soon again!

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I’m back to life. … I guess … Apparently I can log in again ._. wtf … I’m scared of being hacked

Actually there are like 5 points that appears when I reload the website
I haven’t seen those points on any other website in my life …
I would see if i can take a capture of them

Should I be worry about it ?

Here’s the points I mentioned

that is a loading screen
do a ping test to the website if you have a computer, via cmd

I haven’t a pc and I know it is a “loading screen” but one that I never seen before on this mobile using this website
My mother’s phone it’s the same model as mine and it works perfectly just like my phone used to

It’s from the recent update.

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Uf many thanks
Now I can breathe again xD