This is kinda stupid but

First, before I say what I’ll say, I decided to put my sacred stones rom hack on hold for a while, I’m just gonna put it off mainly since I feel like it’s getting a little to big and ambitious and that’s really it, that’s all I have to say. To what I’m actually about to say.
I wanna make a small little rom hack of blazing blade but the catch is i wanna add members of FEU in it.
I’ll call it FEU emblem and this is what it will have FEU members taking the roles of playable characters, antagonists and bosses replaced with random fire emblem memes such as Gheb, Glass, Reinhardt and other characters like that throughout the series
I also said this in discord earlier and I’ve been planning to upload this like 2 days ago but I had a funeral to attend to so there’s that and I’m just lazy.
But if you wanna be in this just comment down saying “I wanna join” and a picture of whatever you wanna look (preferably, I say make a custom gba styles portrait of yourself or whoever you wanna look like) and you’re in
I would have people pick who they wanna be in the game but I feel like it would start arguments or whatever so I’ll just randomly give you the role of any of the playable characters

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eh no offense but this really does sound like some unoriginal and unfunny meme hack with stale and dead fe jokes


That already exists; it was called “Tactics Universe” :B
but uh yeah have fun I guess


who is going to be in the hack lol

i wasn’t in it so it’s bad