Things regarding my Rom Hack

I’ve been adding in classes and rotated some of the classes around to be in Promoted Order, but it interfered with the unit placements and it’s filled with promoted units, not only that it interfered with the Events in the Chapters.

I’m new to Rom Hacking so I don’t know every single basic about the mechanics, and stuff, but the battle animations and map animations I’ve been using were from other people who made them, and I want to credit them but I don’t know if they want me using their assets with their permission, even if they’re actually free to use, and free to edit, the Lord Animations were the Female Oracle Sprite from Gabriel Knight, the Holy Priestess 2.0 Sprite from Melia, the Great Lord Animation from St. Jack, and there are many more I can list off, but I would waste precious time.

Then I have the Portraits, I used the FECharacterCreator V2 for the Portraits, and a lot of them was time consuming to get the colors right, and parts of the Picture Quality drops when I resize it to a too small of a Size, and a lot of the Portraits’ skin is too bright.

And next is a recent post I saw with someone being hard on the Rom Hacking Community saying that Modding an already existing game on outdated hardware is infringing on copyright grounds, and someone at Intelligent Systems was upset when they found out about The Last Promise, how people were being toxic, the list goes on, trust me the Fire Emblem Fandom is like that, it’s the world we’re just living in.

I pretty much need a ton of help, and I’ve also took the time out of my schedule to look at what not to do when writing.

I got a bad habit of Small Talk or have a conversation drag on, but at least the details advance the plot, and I want to avoid overused cliches, like The Chosen One, The Damsel in Distress, The Warring Kingdoms, The Mary Sue, the list goes on, and also I like to grab a thesaurus and add in some play on words to name the locations of the worlds, and character names, with Posei, as in Poseidon God of the Sea, Ignine, Ignite, etc.

The Rom Hack is just a fun project to show off the ideas of my writing I had in the past, and how much fun rom hacking can be, and 1 step to my dream of becoming a Game Developer.


Dude you should head on over to the dev lounge channel on discord, the vets hang around there a lot and know what to and not to do with hacking and stuff. Regarding the map anims and battle anims, I’m not the most familiar with stuff like that but I’m pretty sure all the assets in the repository is free to use with credit. Same goes with f2u/f2e portraits, although if you do wanna be safe you could always ask the makers for consent.

  • f2u assets can be used for almost any purpose if they’re in the repo, that’s the point of it being f2u, just don’t edit the portrait or anim if it’s not (although I believe all battle anims in the repo are f2e).

  • if you want advice, ask on the discord or look for tutorials, there are quite a few of them and have been a great help to me.

  • I wouldn’t listen to people who criticize other’s creativity just because they edit a game that they love from the past. sales profits of FE8 aren’t being hurt by romhacks, for one the game isn’t being sold anymore, and for two you have to (technically) own the game in order to edit it.

  • romhacking takes time, even the simplest of hacks can take months to complete, it’s okay to take a long time to even get one chapter done. Getting help on a romhack is hard, often times you won’t find the traditional kind of help, however you’ll always be able to find people willing to give you advice and show you how things work.

  • small talk isn’t a bad thing, although if you do feel it’s too much just put it behind optional events such as supports, talk events, and even houses for lore tidbits.