Thief line bosses - How to stay on the throne?

I’m surprised I couldn’t find anything on the subject, since it’s something I figure many people would try to implement. Is there a way for me to have a boss that is a thief or a rogue, and have them not move/try to steal things, but rather fight?

The current settings of both bosses is the standard one:

  • Chance of action 100%, attack only when adjacent;
  • Do not move (clearly ignored);
  • Recovery mode when HP 30%, return HP 80%;
  • Don’t retreat (BOSS AI).

I’ve checked how the thief from chapter 8 differs from other generic enemies in terms of AI, but it seems like they all have the same one, so it seems like it’s something tied to the class, which makes it rather difficult to change. I can think of a workaround, by cloning the class and removing the thief skill from it, but before I try that, is there a better way to solve the issue?

Yeah it’s inherent to having the ability to steal. If an enemy with an AI that allows them to attack has that ability, they will try to steal if possible.

Maybe have their inventory full?

If you have unused class slots, you can make a copy of the Thief class that doesn’t have the steal skill. Just set it to use the same map sprites and animations as the actual Thief.


Yeah, that’s what I figured I had to do. Shucks.

How can I reproduce this issue? Please send a .ups or .report7z file.

I need to differentiate between thief escape points, village targets, chests, doors, and snags/walls, so please remove these variables from the map and check if the enemy will ever move with ai4 of 0x20 even as a thief. I haven’t seen them move to steal yet.

I simply changed the boss (Bazba?) from Neimi/Colm’s join chapter to become a thief, and Carlyle, from Rennac’s join chapter, to become a rogue. They stay put until someone enters their range, then they go for a steal. In the case of the first boss, they didn’t even steal anything.

But there’s no need to try to solve this, I think I’ll do the cloning of the thief class. Won’t need to do that for rogue because Carlyle 2.0 is the only male rogue in my reskin. Either way, it’ll take a while for me to test if just the removal of the thief skills will be enough, since I’m currently solving issues from later in the game.

since you could be talking about the skill ability bitflag -

are you using skill systems?

If you are willing to spend one ClassID, the fastest solution is to create a thief without the ability to steal.
I created a dancer who cannot dance, for the event.

I wanted to create an event where the NPC Dancer escapes with his friends, but a side effect of allowing the AI to dance in the stan patch is that the dancer who can move will dance after moving and his fellow NPCs will re-move and escape first.
To work around this, we collapsed one ClassID and created a dancer who cannot dance.

Of course, this is not a problem with stan’s danceAI Patch, but a specification of the AI.
There is a table that sets whether the AI uses door keys or not, so it would be nice to be able to set STEAL and DANCE as well.
However, if you want to set that only some units cannot dance, this is not sufficient.
In the end, I think that a system that properly controls by UnitID, ClassID, MapID, Flag, etc. will be needed in the long term.

Thief who cannot steal.
Healer who cannot use a staff.
Dancer who cannot dance.
Bard who cannot play.
Demon king who cannot summons.

You would need a calc loop for each effect, which would be a lot of work. Would these things all be in AITryDoOffensiveAction? I think demon king has different ai.

In Kaitou, only player units can use Steal.
To achieve this, the following functions are rewritten to disable it.
Therefore, the AI can never steal.


The address is for FE8J, which is slightly different from FE8U.
I wrote return false at the entry point of each function.

ORG 0x03DAF0
#incbin "return false.dmp"

#incbin "return false.dmp"

If it can be achieved with just AITryDoOffensiveAction, then it is smart.

If that is the case, we do not need to think about deamon king this time.
This is because it is almost impossible to create a deamon king who is not a summons.

This hack prevents units with ai4 of 0x20 from stealing. Enjoy

If anyone wants one with a different simple condition to never steal, lmk

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Just the vanilla ones. I actually want to remove the damage nullification from generals, as well as 100% accuracy from snipers later, but I haven’t messed around with any of those yet. Won’t be removing pierce because there are no wyvern knights, nor steal/picking, because to me those are more like, extra commands. Dunno if I’m forgetting any skill, but either way, it’s vanilla.

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