The Under


That’s an odd way to say “Our Lord and Savior.”


When I looked at the image, my phone rang
and a deep male voice told me I’ll die in 3 days.
Is this normal?


Simply a side effect of beginning to submit to our Lord and Savior Rebecceye. Perfectly normal.

Submit to Rebecceye?

  • Yes
  • YES

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More sacrifices for the Blood God. Excellent.


Making random shitposts and causing cults to form around them is my hobby.


Oi, Cale. Don’t hog and hoard the Under all for yourself. :sunglasses:


An old but still Hot Cake


I bet the next Fire Emblem game will let you date your pet dog

someone tell ghast to let us facepet dewey


Shoutout to this thread doesn’t show up in searches for some reason


Perfect Videogame soundtrack doesn’t exi-




fug off discourse


I could hear my soul being cleansed as I was being reborn into a new pichu person from this song’s power.



How much does the liquor cost?


2/10 not deepfried enough


Has there ever been an epic story for Dorkas, Fungus and Speedy Gonzales?


Elibean nights is the beta of fe7 echoes


TLP VC port coming to Switch :soon: