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Trying to also see what removing armour trim would look like and how hard it’d be, because it’s stupid.


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How is it going?





Just gonna post this here so I can find it again in like a year and laugh all over again.

(I think it says something like put the route split here, as the prototype doesn’t have the route split implemented yet, and google’s alternate translation suggestion says such)


Not rim tuesdays? I don’t understand!


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discord is down on my end too


The year is 2017. It is almost over. What did I do in this year?
Stuff I did:
Make a Fun Chapter 3: Get the Pants
I made a chapter! In FE1! Sometimes, we must go back to square one.

Fire Emblem: The Reincarnation of Light and Dark Menu Patch
Chinese bootleggers made a Fire Emblem knockoff. I put those menus into English, so we can see just what Leaf and friends are up to.

Fire Emblem Binary Menu Patch
Binary is basically FE4 but refined. Now, you can see exactly what is going on… to a point, anyway. Character limits can be annoying.

Void’s Blitzarre Adventure: Chapters 3, 15, Dialogue Insertion
The blitz was a Circles idea and project at its heart, but I did jokingly suggest what we were going to do. Now we have a thirty chapter hack. Of which, one chapter was entirely mine, Ch3, while the other was mapped by Seva, Ch15, leaving me to create the events. It was regarded as the hardest chapter in the game for a while, so Circles nerfed it. You can also thank me for getting MC’s writing into the game and sweeping away most of the placeholders, and where he didn’t write things, I filled in the blanks. Note to everyone, don’t leave Darrman to write some villages in a chapter named Darrman’s Lakes. Thankfully for everyone, Mekkah warpskipped it so he didn’t focus on injoke city.

Ragefest V: Julius’s Revenge
I entered Ragefest! I also committed the crime of not including Markyjoe in it. I also rushed in a submission right before the deadline, so it wasn’t very good altogether. Oh well, what happens happens.

FEE3 2017: Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem GBA
I presented FE3GBA! It’s still rough, as I was mainly doing other stuff! I can’t map, so things looked really bad! Which is why there is no release. I was doing other things, like experimenting in FE1!

All and all, I did quite a bunch of stuff, I’d say. Next year, hopefully I do… er… um… eh, what did I need to finish off again? Oh, whatever. Happy new year, whenever the time comes. Under an hour to go for me.


Things i did in 2017:

January: 3 chapters for FE1GBA
February: The first fully custom FE1 Chapter
August: 6 chapters for the blitz, which is the most anyone did
August-November: Translated 5 FE5 Chapters
September: Morpshack
August-December: Tech Demo
All across the year because my breaks are 5 months long: FE1 Translation

Research And Devellopement:
February: Figured out FE1’s map format
Most of july: Documented FE9’s Data:
-Character Table
-Class Table
-Dispos file
-The subfolder format

April: Character Changer ASMC
May: FE7 Dismounting
-Magic as Res
-Supply hack
-FE4 Dancing
-Cheer up
-Holy Blood
-Gachaing FE8(summoning stones)
-Modular Lord Split
-Gender Split and tactician for FE8
-Repair Kit
December: some 6502 asm for FE1

March: FE1 Map Converter
March: FEditor Script maker
March: FE1 Randomizer
March: FE2 Randomizer
May: Modular Table Randomizer
July: WAV2EA
July-August: FE9 Editor

Last thing I did:
-Messed with custom Screens and 6Cs:

I think I forgot a lot of stuff, so please remind me if I did.

Last Word:
Thank you. Thank you so much. This year has been the best I’ve ever had in my life. so much stuff happened. I made so many friends. I feel like I finally have a purpose in life. all because of you guys. you are the best people I’ve ever met. I may have had some arguments with some people, and caused some drama, but I can only thank them. They made me what I am now. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you all. I love you all. I hope 2018 will be an even better year.


Things I did in 2017

Kinda sorta worked on SoA I guess?

Maybe this year I’ll actually get things done?


Things I did in 2017:



  • Finished The Road to Ruin (finally)
  • Redid the battle animation topic on SF
  • Chilled

2018 plans:

  • Chill
  • eat my vegetables


2017 (The Start of My Quest to Reach The Pinnacle):
-Started Spriting with no knowledge at all.
-Made a dozen portraits “technically”.
-Became a contributor to FERed.
-Got around to battle sprites once.
-Living in a rock.

2018 Plans (The Zequel):
-Learning Anatomy.
-More sprites because I’m a masochist.
-Not being lazy.
-A Mini Project.


discord toast once again? cant post at all