The Under


wait don’t tell me where the heck this is from


Holy shit, Sigurd could pull someone like Dierdre? I may get a hot girlfriend after all


Oh, trust me, you can. Just let us know if there’s a red-haired handsome weirdo who likes to do barbecue. :wink:


what if my girlfriend is a red-haired weirdo that likes barbecues


Everyone: Arch, stop redoing stuff or you’ll never finish EN.

Me: #SorryNotSorry


Let’s say… your child will be the host of a murderous dragon and will have a innocento “deity” waifu.

Me: Holy shit Dawson looks like Slayde the more I look at him #worththeweight


Hot damn that’s a majestic beard on Hector


fire emblem, the crusades.


discord has forsaken me yet again


I thought that was just me; was that a bug or did discord say something about this


Discord hit a devil axe against a wall that night



last night was only the beginning
cue dramatic music


revive the under, everyone
revive it


well fuck

Wanna talk about save expansion? I found out how to save extra bytes for unit, now the only step left is rewriting the saving routine to save 8 bits for classes, stats and other stuff



Meanwhile, in my mind full of memes…



Discord has made Kirb lose his mind.
This cannot stand for longer!


Anyone wanna rp?


Nevermind no rp i guess its back


Fire Emblem Universe Sinulator (2018)
Coming to you… as soon as Elibian Nights releases!