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Happy Arch Day, everybody!

It’s like arbor day, but less resourceful.


I guess I’ll leave this here.
Happy Arch Day yay








Beyond the link lies the Fire Emblem fanbase of 2003. They still whine about localisations and name debates are as hot as always.


I was gonna laugh but then I remembered that I spelled friend as frend when I was around these kids age


ahhh FESS. later it went on to develop an “elitist” attitude which died out along with most of its member base. @LordGlenn and I are more or less all that remain


the vintage localisation doomsaying and insistence that fe7 is 2edgy4e is just superb. aged to perfection! seriously, literally none of this thread would look out of place in the average thread about fe14’s localisation prior to its release. nothing has changed at all in thirteen years


There are a few more still active on SF (Vincent, TheEnd, MK404, probably a couple more I’m forgetting, etc.), but the “oldbies” are a dying breed. Well, at least the ones just from FESS. There’s handfuls from the other boards still around too, since none of the boards were really friendly with each other back in those days. A decent majority picked one and avoided the others, at least until lack of activity or closures prompted moving.

Also, Proboards FESS (“FESS1”) was pretty bad in retrospect. I’m kinda glad that I didn’t show up until the InvisionFree era (“FESS2”).


oh wow, inter-board tensions? now this snapshot of The Ancient Internet is truly complete!


I still wonder if I’m the oldest, or close to the oldest remaining member from pre-FE7 days.


ah, back in the day when “before it was cool” meant “before FE7”

now it’s “before FE13”


I still think of “Before FE9” myself.


Can you wait for “before Fates”?


Which, when you think about it, is an amazingly weeb train of thought.
It was better before it got translated to the language I could understand it in.


I feel like that would only be true if they only played the games because they were Japanese and not because they were fun strategy games that didn’t really have a western equivalent except for maybe classic Xcom.


But clearly singling out FE7 though? I haven’t played much of the Japanese only titles but from what I’ve seen they don’t play that differently to what we ended up getting in FE7, so the logic boils down to pseudo elitism in the sense that they either don’t like it because it’s now in English and thus will have more players or because it’s now in English and worse than Japanese because Yapanties and the animu.

I first played FE8 and then FE7 and didn’t have any issues with them, this was years ago, granted, but I’m sure if I went back to them I could stick with it better than I have with Awakening and Fates. So it’s weird to sort of compare the two consensus(S?) as if they were similar when the former is just weebcunts being cuntweebs and the latter being fans watching something they’ve been interested in for years be gutted like a fish and filled with shallow animu pandering for the moneys.


“a Godpoint is the tool you use to poligh thongs, yes”

Thanks, Aluste.


Friendly reminder that it’s possible for Kent to fuck Fiora and then marry her sister in-game.


And he accuses Sain of being the womanizer.


clearly he’s just implying that sain is really bad at it